Tryout - Frequently Asked Questions



How do I register for Tryouts?

    *  A Registration link is located on the Tryout Page of our website.  Please see the Age Definitions to determine which Age Group to register for.



What do I bring?

    *  Players should wear volleyball attire including t-shirt, shorts, knee pads, and athletic shoes.  Players should bring a water bottle.


What is involved in the Tryout process?

    *  Players will be evaluated by their top two position selections from registration through various position drills.  Players will then be placed in game situations to evaluate their leadership, competitiveness, and how they work with other players on the court.  Game play is very important to us at Texas Shock so we will spend a lot of time in game type situations.


When will I know if I made a team?

    *  Players will be notified of their status the day following Tryouts.  For any players that our coaching staff is undecided as to which team they should be placed on and want to see them again, they may be asked to return for a second look tryout session.

    *  For players that are not offered a position on a team after the initial tryout, they will be placed on an Alternate status.  This may occur if we don’t have the number of players to fill an additional team or maybe too many of a particular position on a team.  We will hold a Supplemental tryout at some point after our initial tryout date to fill open positions in an effort to place an Alternate on a team.


How do I confirm my spot on a team?

    *  A player’s position on a team will be confirmed with their initial non-refundable deposit payment.  The deposit must be made within 24 hours of being offered a position on a team.  If the deposit is not made within the 24 hour period, their position may be offered to the next player in line.

When are practices?

*Our Elite(National) teams will practice 3 days a week through February and then will go to 2 days a week.  They will have a Sunday practice and two weekday practices(specific days and times tbd).  Our CTX(Regional) teams will practice 2 days a week.  They will have a Sunday practice and one weekday practice.


Is SAQ included?

*All of our teams will have a SAQ component to their practices.  Elite teams will have SAQ 2 times per week through February.  Regional teams will have SAQ 1 time per week through February.